June 20-23, 2019


For information please email: campcouragemo@outlook.com


  • Theme:  Game Show Mania
  • Camper Fee:  $200




Camp Courage Missouri is a unique program in that it exclusively caters to adults (21and older), giving them a typical camping experience - - with programs, parties and friends - - all on an adult level. This is important because once individuals with developmental disabilities graduate from the public school system; social and age appropriate opportunities are not as readily available to them and they are often grouped into activities with individuals much younger than their chronological age. Camp Courage Missouri intentionally provides the participants time with peers.

Each summer, approximately 50 campers attend this program.  Campers must be ambulatory and able to tolerate outdoor activities.  Wheelchairs, walkers and/or canes are not approved, as we stay on a semi-primitive campground area, with minimal sidewalks and smooth surfaces.  Campers share their space and should enjoy being with other people throughout the day.  Moreover, they should be cooperative, free from aggression and in good health. Campers should be able to understand they are going to camp and look forward to participating. In addition to the campers, we host a team of over 40 volunteers who come to assist with campers and activities.  A staff of nurses is on the campgrounds at all times.