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Campers stay in air-conditioned buildings with toilet and shower facilities.  Campers are divided into teams consisting of 2 to 3 volunteers with every 4 to 5 campers.  We strive to keep our ratios at 3:1.  Three meals are provided each day, along with a morning coffee hour, daily newspapers, bottled water, and snacks before bedtime.

The camp was started in 1977, and is incorporated in the State of Missouri as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The camp is organized and operated by community volunteers, who come and help, because they want to be there and they see the value of the program. Volunteers receive training and guidance, but we do not employ special education or autistic specialists, nor do we offer one-on-one care.

Camp Courage provides a typical camping experience for adults (21 and older) with developmental disabilities,  whose disability fits safely into the program and are physically able & willing to participate.  Campers must be independent and extremely cooperative. All participants must be able to be in groups, get along with others, and pose no flight risk or aggressive behaviors. We strive to meet the needs of every person who applies to be a camper. Eligibility starts with being age appropriate: our youngest campers are age 21. Other requirements include having a developmental disability that fits into our program safely and appropriately. Camp Courage is designed for individuals who would enjoy and look forward to participating.  Aggressive behaviors, wandering and/or flight risk tendencies as well as disruptive behavior of any manner result in early departure from the camping program at the parent/guardian expense.  

Camp Courage will be held from June 22-25. For more information, please email us at campcouragemo@outlook.com.











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