Entrance Criteria

   Participants must be fairly to fully independent - - not requiring one-on-one support, including the ability to be independent in toileting, feeding, dressing and sleeping away from home.  This includes maintaining personal self-care and hygiene independently, in regards to, but not limited to incontinence, feminine hygiene and showering.  This also includes being able to dress without assistance.  


   Participants must not possess behaviors that would impact the safety of themselves or others, and enjoy being with other people throughout the day.


   Campers must be capable of changing locations and walking independently and be able to walk and ambulate on different surfaces. Wheelchairs, walkers and canes are not safe on the campground surfaces.


   Campers must be cooperative and able to follow simple directions.



   Campers must be able to participate in small group activities and be able to remain seated in a chair for a 30 minute activity or class period, and must be able to tolerate outdoor activities.


   Participants must not have been hospitalizedfor emotional or behavioral needs, and Campers must be free of all forms of  aggression:  physical, gestural, sexual, or verbal, and have no history of any aggression.  Also, Campers should not require extensive supervision for acute or chronic medical conditions, such as seizures, severe food allergies, etc.



  • Campers must be willing to follow all guidelines and policies set by the campgrounds and the Campers can have no history, of leaving a pre-arranged area or pose any possibility of being a flight risk or intentionally running away from a group or leader.  



  • Campers must agree to stay with their assigned staff at all times and Campers must be able to be in the camping environment, smoke-free, for the entire duration of the program.




   Campers must be able to sleep, in a cabin, with 6 to 8 other individuals, without disturbing other people.




A prospective camper will be expected to meet the criteria listed above. 


Note: Aggressive behaviors, wandering and/or flight risk tendencies as well as disruptive behavior of any manner result in early departure from the camping program at the parent/guardian expense.





Camp Courage will be held from June 22-25. For more information, please email us at campcouragemo@outlook.com.











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