Volunteer Information

For the protection of our campers, new volunteers must be known by someone already involved with the camp or one of the organizations who support the camp. All volunteers must agree to a background screening and provide at least two references.


  • Camping space is limited.  
  • Not everyone who submits an application is guaranteed a place at camp.
  • This is a 'campers-camp'.  All volunteers must be willing to focus on the camper's experience.




  • Contact the Camp Director at email:  campcouragemo@outlook.com



  • Must contact the Camp Director at email:  campcouragemo@outlook.com


Volunteer Opportunities

COUNSELORS: (18 years and older) Counselors are grouped into teams of 2 or 3 and work together to care for the campers they are assigned. We have campers with special needs and disabilities and you will need to be able to encourage and remind them to take showers, brush their teeth, help clean-up the rooms, etc. You will also help move campers from one activity to another, on the campgrounds. You will need to keep track of all the campers in your care and encourage them to move from activity to activity, as they walk on the grounds. A creative and fun attitude will be a plus! You must be willing to put aside your own personal needs and give of yourself completely. Counselors must be able to stay for the entire camp.

CLEAN-UP CREW: (13 years and older) This group of youth work in the kitchen as servers, are responsible for table set-ups, cleaning, sweeping, mopping, dishwashing and cleaning the bathrooms. These volunteers are on-call to be helpers wherever they are needed. A positive, helpful attitude is a requirement for this team. You must be a hard worker and have a heart for serving others! It's hard work, but a whole lot of fun too! The Clean-up Crew must be able to stay for the entire camp.

NURSES/MEDICAL PERSONNEL: A team of licensed medical staff stay on the grounds during the camp. These individuals work together and rotate shifts.

COOKS: This exalted position is hard work and lots of fun! On an average day, the cook will prepare the food for 100 people per meal. The cooks and the Camp Director plan meals. 

TEAMBUILDING, SALON, CRAFTS & ACTIVITIES: These ‘extra’ hands come to camp for day activities and join Campers and Counselors during some of our activities. These volunteers do not stay overnight, on the campgrounds.

CARNIVAL GAMES: Special volunteers come out and help with our Carnival. These individuals and groups provide a simple game, along with prizes that our campers can win! These volunteers do not stay overnight, on the campgrounds

Camp Courage will be held from June 22-25. For more information, please email us at campcouragemo@outlook.com.











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